Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pregnancy Comforts

As I enter my third trimester, I realize how easy it is to talk about the discomforts of late pregnancy. Pinched nerves, round ligament pain and feeling like a waddling penguin certainly make the list of T3 woes.

As about half of the contributors to this blog are pregnant at any given time (the other half having newborns), I thought it might be fun to compare ideas about those things that comfort us during pregnancy, that lift our spirits, and make us feel great even if we look like whales. are a few of my picks:

Tea: Specifically Earth Mama, Angel Baby Third Trimester Tea
Either Elizabeth Foss or Kim at Starry Sky Ranch mentioned a very long time ago that they order their own herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs to make their own blends. This sounds like a much more economical route, but I have yet to get around to it.

Books: Right now I'm reading Pride and Prejudice. I'm sure before long I'll have Little Women on my nightstand, too.

Baths: I only take about 3 a year (not counting labor/birth). Lavender oil, a scented candle and both Tea and a Book are musts!

Frozen Meals: After a long day of chasing around two toddlers, I am sooo happy to that I have doubled up making meals and that my mom has brought some and I have a stash in the freezer.

Pillows: Lots of pillows, little pillows, big pillows, body pillows. If Mr. Incredible isn't complaining about lack of space then there aren't enough pillows.

Mortification: Offering up the discomforts for other moms, especially those who have miscarried or are going through difficult times helps

Gel Mat: One of the most unique, but also most appreciated gifts I have ever received. Standing at the sink doing dishes when pregnant is much nicer on a squashy gel mat.

Chocolate: My parents in St. Louis have received several panicked phone calls when I’m pregnant and realize I have just eaten the last piece of Bissinger’s dark chocolate.

Any other thoughts on treats for mom during late pregnancy?


Mary Alice said...

I am big on the pillows, and also, if possible, getting a pedicure, it is so nice to have a foot massage and to have pretty toes in the hospital!

Mary Alice said...

Okay, I actually love this, I have thought of a few more:

-- feeling the baby move, sometimes even being able to see the baby move as your belly ripples!

--Your husband/kids feeling the baby move

--talking about names

--nesting generally, and specifically folding newborn laundry, bright white kimono undershirts

--courtesy -- once you are hugely, visibly pregnant, people who hold the door, give you seats on the bus, offer to carry your groceries

Kat said...

What a fun topic, just don't tell ET that it's getting me excited about being pregnant again, just kidding :)

First of all, I think it's a great idea for a pregnant mama to figure out what her pregnancy comforts out, and then to let her hubby know about them as well - in the end, mama will be happier and hubby will feel great that he is able to do something nice for his wife!

I second Mary Alice's love of getting a foot massage/pedicure towards the end of pregnancy. In my mind, it's worth it to go to a place where you know that they'll take their time and where you know that you'll feel pampered and refreshed when you leave. With my second pregnancy, I was also able to get a pregnancy massage, which was absolutely wonderful! Friends and family have been very generous with giving gift certificates to a local spa so that I've been able to do these things...Maybe a suggestion to parents who are asking what you would like for your birthday/a holiday? Then you will have no guilt in these indulgences :)

I will also say that having one or two nice outfits helped me a lot throughout my pregnancies, so that when ET and I went out on a date I could feel like I looked pretty and fresh. Also, I have a tendency to wear the same 3 or 4 shirts over and over again throughout the pregnancy, so I think it's worth it to have a few shirts that look nice and fit well. I think that most of us feel better and more energized when we "look the part"!!

Also, I have the greatest friends in the world who always called to see how I was feeling, to let me know that they were praying for me and the baby, to answer my questions or calm my fears...Knowing that I was being thought of by so many dear friends meant the world to me!

Right Said Red said...

You ladies hit most of them. I'm going to look into investing in a gel matt!

I would like to second the massage suggestion. I love rewarding myself with a massage once I hit my due date. It is one nice perk to going overdue!

Kim said...

Blessed Herbs has the pg tea in bulk fwiw.