Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Reason # 1,000,529 to have kids



Right Said Red said...

I just changed the spelling of Kankles to Cankles. It can be spelled either way, but Cankles is the more common spelling ;-)

Mary Alice said...

what are cankles, please?

Anonymous said...

oh sadness, my little guy is so skinny I get no Cankles. That, much like having no super smooshy thighes to smoosh, is one of the bummers with having a skinny mini.

Ooh give those extra squishes for me please. People think its odd that I desperately need to squish their kids (ok actually most people get it) but I truly thought I would have a squishable babe.

Alice, Cankles are when the calf and ankle just go together in one smooth line, without any ankle definition. Much like my legs in my third trimester, and sadly now.

Kat said...

I didn't know what cankles were either until I had my chubby Maria :) Now she's got some serious cankles, but they are so cute I wouldn't have it any other way! Like K, our C has always been a stringbean, very different from his little sister :)