Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Anyone know of a good source for Maternity formal wear? I have a black tie wedding to go to and I will be about 8 months pregnant.



Kat said...

Macy's has a nice maternity section, with a good range of prices...Good luck!

Maria said...

I bought a formal dress at Motherhood for a reasonable price. A Pea in the Pod is over-priced, but sometimes will have a great sale. I found the best place to look is your friends' closets, though. I love lending out my maternity formal wear; it gets worn so little that I like to see the clothes get some use!

MomVee said...

Mimi Maternity has an extensive selection, especially good if you're looking for something long. But I think the best option for maternity black tie is a "little black dress" that can be glammed up with jewelry and accessories. Even non-pregnant women sometimes go with this option for black tie.

Bethany said...

I found, a couple of years ago, a very pretty maternity "little black dress" from of all places... Old Navy. Granted most of their stuff is casual, but this sleeveless black dress that I paired with a very pretty red/gold should wrap and a pair of gold sandals, worked well at my husband's formal dinner functions when he worked in health care.

Hope you find something.

Juris Mater said...

I also really like Mimi Maternity--it's in between Motherhood and Pea in the Pod in terms of price and quality, and very fashionable. A suitable dress probably will be around $150.

Shopping for and spending money on formal late maternity wear is SUCH a drag. Are you all kidding about a "little black dress" or what? That's just the problem with late maternity formal wear... try as one might, there's noting "little" or sassy or redeeming about it. MaryAlice, I say buy a muu-muu off of Ebay and get on with life : ) Just joking MA, if anyone can pull if off successfully and stylishly, you can. Good luck!

Lara said...

Dear Builders--just wanted to thank you guys for all your advice a few weeks ago on prenatal testing. We did not do the quad testing and the midwife was very supportive. Just got back from our 20 week ultrasound, and were surprised to find out that we are having a boy! I was so sure it was a girl because this pregnancy was so different from the last one!

Anyway, thanks so much for your prayers and good wishes. Our little guy looks healthy and well....and we are delighted!

B-Mama said...

Lara, such wonderful news! Praise be to God for the blessing of your healthy baby boy. Great news!

MA, an even worse scenario would be finding a late-term bridesmaid dress. Been there, done that. What a waste of money! I had to buy a regular dress 4 sizes bigger and *pray* it fit in the 11th hour. It did, but have I ever used it again? I would send it your way, but my mom actually just took it to Goodwill. Sorry!

Anonymous said...

Buying off of Ebay can be a bit risky as far as sizing goes, but that's pretty much always risky when you're buying ahead when pregnant as you never know how big you'll be. But there are some nice, not too expensive dresses on there and I've had luck in the past!

Sophie said...

you might find something at a consignment shop. Around here we have childrens/maternity consignment shops that you can find good deals. Assuming you don't mind something gently used.

If you go with the muu-muu idea, could you post a pic? ;)

Right Said Red said...

I have a black plain large maternity dress (might be too big for you?) that you could borrow. Remind me the next time we see one another and you can try it out. With some pearls and fancy shoes, it looks just fine.

Right Said Red said...


Congratulations on your baby boy! Thank you for sharing the wonderful news with us. Please keep us updated and let us know when the little guy arrives.

All the best!

Kat said...

The only reason that I mention Macy's is that they don't have the same restrictive return policy that the maternity stores do...That means that you can return it whenever you want, even if you bought it on sale - brilliant!

Mary Alice said...

Kat, that is great to know about Macys -- I have a huge credit from Mimi Maternity because I had a return there, what a crummy policy.

I am totally old fashioned, but I don't feel right about wearing black to a wedding, and almost all of the maternity dressy stuff I am seeing is black. Perhaps if I go with the idea of using a colored shawl over a black dress.

I had one great silk blue suit that I purchased for Red's wedding and then wore to all formal occasions for all of my pregnancies, but really the styles have changed too much now, it looks totally dated to be in something so structured.

Jeanne said...





Tell the lady or guy 150 bucks is my limit. Believe me, it is worth it by the time you spend the money on the gas and on and on. get an unknown taylor. I did and the dress was wah wah the husband mouth was open.


BY THE WAY, pray for me to finish my Master's project. I'm thanking God for no kids right now. He was nice.

jeanne said...

type in your holy poison it is yours.

I knew there was a reason was there the other night.

Mary Alice said...

Getting a dress made is a great idea, Jeanne. Someone had also suggested buying a very large dress and having it tailored down, but getting something made might work out even better.

After an afternoon of trying stores at the mall I did what I should have done in the first place and went to an independent maternity store, in NYC I am usually priced (and sometimes sized) out of these, but this one was really nice, the help was great, and I got both a great dress and a new pair of jeans. The jeans were a splurge, but the dress cost about half of what the dresses at Pea in the Pod were listed at. Also, I already have a pair of gold shoes. Can I recommend that everyone add gold shoes to their wardrobe staples? They look great with every party dress I have and make a nice change from black.

I only own 3 pairs of dress shoes, black, brown, and gold, and about 15 pairs of shoes total, which for a woman is extremely restrained, I think. I have had foot problems since the twins were born and my doctor convinced me to go for fit and quality over quantity, which has been great advice. I have never bought a pair of shoes at a discount store that I did not regret.

Also, this may be TMI, but they had Maternity Spanx. Who even knew these existed? I haven't tried mine on yet, but I will let you know, I may wear them everyday!

Here is the store: