Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tone, Trash Talk and Thanksgiving Turkey: Part 3

The elliptical is getting particularly old this week--I usually do the manual program because I enjoy reading on the elliptical, but the Princeton Alumni Weekly same-old articles on climate change and objectively-ugly new campus architecture just aren't doing it for me this week. I think I need to implement B-mama's suggestion of varying my elliptical workouts more.

Lack of recovery from a SUPER FUN family wedding this weekend plus extra legal work this week have left me wiped out. I missed my weekly run outside, even with all this great weather.

It's mind over matter this week. We're just over a month away from 8KDay. Nasty doubts are starting to creep in. Can I really win the entire race city-wide and run away with the $1000 prize money and the glory? : )


Right Said Red said...

The Phillies are just killing my morning workout routine! Not that I'm complaining, I'm thrilled with their performance!

I'm going to have to start working out on the elliptical b/c my legs are really feeling dead. I did a 5 mile run this weekend, and my body still hasn't really recovered.

Juris Mater said...

Red, your Phils won't be there to drag you across the finish line on race morning. They'll be nestled all snug in their beds with visions of winning the Series dancing in their heads. (We're fair-weather fans now that the Sox are gone.) You'd better get with your program.

Congrats to your team though!

Mary Alice said...

Len is training for the half marathon, so his long run last weekend was 8 miles and this weekend it is 10 miles. He is sticking with it, which has been just amazing to watch.

I have yet to bump up to two miles, I keep finding excuses. This weekend is busy but I think I need a "just do it" attitude or I am going to get too far behind.

The one mile walk has become nothing for the kids, which is great progress.

Question for those of you who are regular distance runners -- at what point do you need to start bringing along water?

Also, what sort of gear are you planning on for the Philly cold at the race?

Right Said Red said...

In all my distance runs, I have never brought water along, but I also have never run over 10 miles. If it is hot, I would consider doing some sort of loop and taking a small drink at the 5 mile mark.

As for my race attire, I have not thought that far ahead yet. I was hoping to wear shorts and a long sleeve t-shirt (with possible headband if it is really cold). Can you post a link to those cute skirts you talked about in another post? I might just sport one of those, it will take me back to my lightening fast field hockey days.

B-Mama said...

Hey girls!
Well, because our van was in the shop until today (and we were in a pinch to pick it up), I ran (yes, ran) to the mechanic from our home with keys in hand to then drive Big Blue back to our house. Mind you, it only took me a half hour to get there, but because this was my first run sans stroller, I had no excuse but to try to pick up the pace. Let's just say it was the longest half hour of my life. I was dying. The auto shop was like an oasis in the desert by the time I was finished... Oh Lord, what have I gotten myself into! :)

As for your questions Mary Alice, I have never been a big water drinker for any runs under an hour. After you hit an hour and half or so, water is essential. Running stores sell great water belts that distribute the weight around one's middle so as not to overwhelm the runner. I never had anything so sophisticated, but knew folks who loved it.

As for cold November Philly weather, I'm thinking running tights and a long-sleeve T-shirt over a short-sleeved one. I'll wear a sweatshirt over all of this until the starting line and then shed as I run. If I get too hot (very possible), I'll tie the long-sleeve shirt around my waist. Oh and I'll be shlepping lightweight gloves... and maybe a hat too! Depends how cold it is--anything under 30 and I'll definitely have the hat and gloves.

Juris Mater said...

I will be wearing a Michael Phelps style custom-designed unitard and racing flats with no socks, for maximum aerodynamic advantage. For the same reason, I plan to shave my arms, legs, and head.

B-mama, your long-sleeved shirt and cute ponytail bobbing around in the breeze will cost you whatever lead you might otherwise have had a chance at.

Red, a skirt? Are you competing for a gold medal or a beauty pageant crown? Get your head in the game, woman.

Elena said...


You're hilarious and inspiring. while waiting for my husband to arrive home from work, I decided, "Run tonight? Heck, no." Then, I happened to check Buildng Cathedrals and the next thing I knew I was wearing running tights and lacing up my shoes. Thanks for a great 5K ladies, oops, I mean 3-miler - Canadian slip-up.

Right Said Red said...

I am both beautiful and fast.

Mary Alice said...

Running Skirts are so much cuter than exposed spandexed thighs, IMHO. I was really impressed with the number of women wearing them at the Hamptons Marathon.

Keep in mind, JM, that I could not tell the the difference between the male and female olympic swimmers. It is just this sort of gender confusion that is bringing down the American Family. So, you can wear the Uni, but only if it is pink.

Mary Alice said...

Also, check these out!

texas mommy said...

If only the skirts came in orange and black we could have an official building cathedrals uniform!

I love the my mommy runs faster than your mommy onesie. THat should be the prize for the race winner...seeing as we all have at least one child in a onesie size at any given point in time. We could keep up the tradition and pass around the onesie to the winner. I am totally in for the next race.

And I may have to look into the "mommy runs faster than daddy" shirt for our household!

Kat said...

Ooh, Texas Mommy, I'm expecting a reply from Texas Daddy within the next few minutes! :)

Juris Mater said...

MaryAlice, I'm not taking runner's fashion tips from Hamptons Marathoners. The last (and only) time I was in the Hamptons it was full of spray-painted F. Scott Fitzgerald-esque yuppies clad in white linen, carrying poodles, driving BMWs, and wearing $500 flip flops. Pretty hardcore athletes there. No. We're talking Philly, MaryAlice. Pennsylvania. Blue collar, hardworking, salt-of-the-earth. Let's get it started.

Red, you won't be looking very beautiful or running very fast after eating the Philadelphia city dirt that I kick up as I blow ahead of you when the starting gun goes off.

Tex, we can all wear onesies next year when we race in Texas.