Friday, October 3, 2008

It's the Playoffs

So, this is just to confess that my kids stayed up until 9 o'clock at night, eating tacos, in their pajamas, in front of the TV. The thing is, though, you are only 7 once, and when your team hits a grand slam it is just not the same to watch it on the highlights reel.

Go Phillies!
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B-Mama said...

Too cute! This is the kind of stuff kids remember forever and becomes the highlight of their childhood... Really! I can remember being able to stay up late once for my sister's birthday party. It was that cool! :)

Juris Mater said...

What a walk on the wild side : )

Juris Mater said...

MaryAlice, I just noticed... is the baby eating a whole taco too?! That's hilarious.

Do you have any interesting way to do tacos--I mean anything more interesting than taco-seasoned beef, cheese, lettuce and tomato, which is our usual?

Kat said...

I love this for a few reasons: First, your kids look great and it's so fun to see how much they've grown! Second, it's fun to get a glimpse inside your new home :) And third, B-Mama is totally right, these are the moments that really stick out in a child's memory. Good for you for being flexible enough to allow for those moments!

texas mommy said...

I echo Kat...good for you for being flexible! It looks like such fun for the kids! Mr. Incredible took Dash to watch fireworks this year at 9pm, even though I protested that it would throw off his routine, etc., but he is STILL talking about the fireworks like it happened yesterday and draws pictures of them all the time.

Kate E. said...

I love the fact that not only are they all there (and you can tell PT is the big fan since his eyes don't leave the screen for the pic) but that the baby is parked there too in his high chair! Hilarious. Because not only will PT remember this forever...but he'll be able to tell the Lion that he was there too.

I remember Game 6 of the 1986 playoffs (sorry everyone I did mention I was a Mets fan), my mom let us stay up late and when the last pitch was thrown and the batter was out, my brother fell off his chair. I still remember the whole thing, down to the exact chair and where we all were sitting. And I'm not really into sports!

Right Said Red said...

Awesome. Awesome.

I'm so glad they got to watch the game. I have been a Philadelphia fan my whole life, and I have only watched my baseball team win a playoff game in one prior season (before these last two games!)

PT will remember this for a long time.

Right Said Red said...

Oh, one more thing--

Go Phils!

Mary Alice said...

Update -- we are paying for it! The kids have been whiny, uncooperative and prone to tears for several days. I think we are not going to let them stay up to watch the NLCS, but hopefully they will have recovered in time for the world series!

BTW, this confirms my suspicion that at least 50% of behavioral problems are sleep related.