Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tone, Trash Talk and Thanksgiving Turkey: Part Quattro

I have come to realize in the last week what my two most formidable opponents will be in this 8K race:

Not the 8K distance or the time. I'm running 8Ks outside and doing 45 minute cardio workouts with no problem.

Not Red and B-mama. I will handily beat them without question.

Not the city smog or car fumes that I will be inhaling while I run. I have strong lungs--never been a smoker, always been an athlete.

The two major opponents will be the early morning and the cold weather. To remind everyone, the race is on November 23 in Philadelphia, start time is 7:15am. Start time. Meaning I'll have to get up at like 5:45am to get to the race site, warm up, and make it to the starting line in time. If I want to do my hair, makeup, and shave my legs to look cute in the running skirt like Red's planning to do, maybe even 5:30am. Having grown up in the sunny deep South and lived my life as a non-morning-person to the extreme, I'm mildly concerned. I will now focus on getting in at least one very early morning run this coming week, especially since the mornings are getting colder around here. Simulating race conditions will be very important for training for this race, since the conditions will be... not mild... to say the least.

By the way, how do you like this graphic? Now that's some cold weather running!


B-Mama said...

Oh JM, sounds like you're a little wimpy with the cold weather. Excellent. I will be sure to capitalize on this with my cold-weather, Ohio-bred lungs. :)

Right Said Red said...


Mary Alice said...

We were in Tuscaloosa, Alabama this weekend, and it sure was nice to workout in the early morning without long underwear on!