Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Comment Policy

First, I want to thank everyone who has been participating in the comments to Kat's post below.

For the future, we are asking that no "anonymous" comments be placed on our blog. The Internet can be an anonymous place, and we respect your right to, and desire for, anonymity. However, it is really tough to follow and respond to a conversation when we do not know who is posting what, following up on what, etc. So, please give yourself a moniker of some sort.

I also think that using names, even fake or silly ones, helps us all to realize that even over the Internet we are speaking to other people, real people with prayerful and considered opinions. For some reason, it is often harder to remember that "anonymous" has feelings, too.



Anonymous said...

Is there a way to use a name if you don't have a google id? I always choose anonymous because I wasn't aware there was another way to do it. The only one that allows you to fill in a name is the Google/Blogger choice from what I can tell.
Thanks for any helpful instructions you can offer!

Red said...

You just click on Name/URL and then type your name in (or some made up name). I just logged out of my google/blogger account and tried it. If that doesn't work, try signing a name underneath your anonymous post, like this.


Marion said...

Thanks! It worked, obviously. I just never tried it because I never saw a line there. :)

Right Said Red said...

I'm glad it worked!