Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Gender Confusion

Dash (age 2.5) likes to talk about what he wants to be when he grows up.

This week he wants to be "a flatbed truck driver with a forklift."

Tonight Grandma asked him, "What is Mommy was going to be when she grows up?"
Dash: "A Daddy."
Grandma: "And what is Daddy going to be when he grows up?"
Dash: "A Grandma."


Mary Alice said...

I love it, I think my parents are still waiting to see what I am going be when I grow up!

Right Said Red said...

this could also be titled: Generational Gender Confusion ;-)

David said...

My little girl wants to be a lizard when she grows up.

Elizabeth said...

The perennial story in our family is that my uncle (when he was about 4) talked about "when I was a girl baby." Apparently the pictures he'd seen had convinced him that that little wrapped up thing could not possibly have been a real boy. So, he must have started out as a girl and become a boy later!