Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Soft (drink) addiction

I noticed my all-time favorite blogger Danielle Bean is giving up Diet Coke. My addiction is to Diet Dr. Pepper.

I've tried in earnest several times. I always give it up during pregnancy, excepting the occasional happy indulgence. Unlike Danielle, when I have the first sip after pregnancy, it doesn't taste like a mouthful of chemicals... it tastes like a mouthful of bliss. It's the reward after a long nine months in the desert.

I know all the arguments--it has no nutritional value, it's made 100% of poisonous chemicals, it slows your metabolism, it makes you crave sweets, it's addictive. My consumption of explosive chemicals is incompatible with the healthy food I serve my family, and it's a waste of money especially as food becomes more expensive.

My spirit is willing, but my flesh is so weak.

So... are there any former users out there who would be willing to share their personal testimonies? Or does anyone want to start a support group? I'm on the verge of trying to give it up again, but I do intend to finish the 2 liter in my refrigerator first. Tomorrow is a new day.
(I do not intend to joke flippantly about addiction here. I actually think addiction to aspartame or whatever is in these drinks is a fairly serious health problem for Americans, and this also reminds me to pray for and seek to serve all struggling with more debilitating addictions.)


Anonymous said...

mineral water... I know, I know, It can not replace the Dr. Pepper, but don't dismiss it yet. Here are some highlights. 1. Sometimes you just *need* carbonation 2. you can mix it with whatever and make it increasingly healthy as the addiction to Dr. Pepper wanes. May I suggest making a can of frozen lemonade with mineral water instead of regular water. That's my favorite. Maybe one day the water with a slice of lemon will work but start with the small steps first. 3. It's cheap. a bottle at Trader Joes is 89 cents.

JesusThroughMary said...

Three words: Diet Johnnie Walker.

Stuff has changed my dang life.

B-Mama said...

JM, I'm with you. Diet Dr. Pepper has got to be the best diet drink on the market--tastes really legitimate (if carbonated chemicals could ever be classified as legitimate! :)

I have been desperately trying avoid all drinks but milk and water this pregnancy... to no avail. I also have difficulty avoiding the kids' apple juice--a calorie trap, indeed!!

My midwife suggested adding a little Crystal Light (just not the recommended amount) to my water. Yet I'm not sure this is any better than the chemicals in diet soda! Something that has worked is a splash of lemon juice with Splenda mixed in for sweetness. Voila, my own lemonade! Again, this is still chemical-based, but maybe better than the alternative??

Best of luck!

Right Said Red said...

May I suggest real soda? I had a serious diet coke addiction in college. I switched to regular soda (the real sugar laden stuff) and now I don't crave it as much, and when I do it is oh so satisfying to have just one glass. I love root beer. A read treat! And the best part is that it doesn't have all the chemicals...but it does have some, and a TON of sugar.

For a healthy alternative--try herbal tea sweetened with real sugar and a splash of lemon. It's delicious, sweet, refreshing, and perfectly natural!

Katherine said...

I give up Diet Coke until Felicity gives me a bad night, or several, and then I dive for it just for the caffeine (I don't drink coffee). Alas, have had a few this week. :::sigh::: Each day is new, thank heavens.

Mary Alice said...

My husband had high blood pressure so we have given up all soda and coffee, we were several cup a day coffee drinkers and while we did not have soda in the house we would drink it anytime we were in a restaurant or at a party.

Here is what I did. First, face the fact that you are giving up an addiction and it is going to hurt for a while. Maybe rent trainspotting and then realize that it won't hurt nearly as much as giving up real drugs would. Actually, how hard it was to give up is why I will never go back, I had no idea the chemicals were so strongly affecting me until it took two weeks to feel well without them.

I did seltzer water mixed with pomegranate juice. The POM is expensive but it has a sugar and energy kick which helped alot. We literally packed up our coffee maker and put it away, so there was no fall back option. I was really cranky, though, and I had headaches.

I don't want to get on a slippery slope, so I am just not going to have it at all, the coffee habit would be way to easy to start up again.

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

I gave up soda when my kids started guzzling the stuff. I couldn't keep it in the house without hiding it in the laundry room. I then decided that if I didn't want them to drink it all day long, I couldn't either. I do drink coffee in the am, so it's not the caffeine that I was jonesing for. I really like Crystal Light Peach tea for lunch and other than a glass of wine at dinner, I don't drink much during the day. Throw out the notion that you need to have 64 oz of water a day. It's bunk. Just have enough to satiate your thirst and eat more water enriched foods. You'll be fine.

I agree that in light of serious addictions to pain killers, alcohol and nicotine/drugs, to say that you are "addicted" to diet soda or m&ms is downplaying serious addictions that bring havoc to your life. Lighten your burden and change your way of thinking. You are not "addicted" to diet soda, you simply want one. Don't bring it into the house.

texas mommy said...

I'd like to join your support group, JM. I am currently steeling myself to go on a hardcore diet that includes not eating sugar, carbs, dairy (except plain, unsweetened yougart), fruit, yeast and gluten. This is an attempt to stave off a postpartum thrush infection. Jack-Jack and I were both on antibiotics within 24 hours of a natural childbirth as a result of this. Artificial sweeteners also provide a medium for thrush to feed on, so my Splenda-laced pepsi one is out.

I plan to begin at the beginning of July. Red's sister has done something similar and can attest to the fact that it is no fun to eat fish and broccoli three meals a day.

Ellyn said...

Lemon flavored seltzer water. A slice of lemon is nice too, when the price is right.

I once had a serious 'thing' going with TAB - I think I'm giving my age away here - especially when I got to college and the cafeteria had all the pop we could drink all three meals a day. Some days that was the meal.
Marriage, motherhood and relative poverty helped me break out of that cycle.

I know what you mean about the first sip after a gestational hiatus - a dear friend had me to lunch to celebrate the birth of my fourth daughter and served celebratory real Coke out of a glass bottle. As good as fine champagne!