Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Maybe Jasmine and Ariel Aren't So Bad?

Yes, they are. But this is worse. I am too overwhelmed to comment right now -- have at it Ladies.


Mr. Red said...

I can top that:

Right Said Red said...

My favorite part of the article:

"The shoes...are not meant for walking and will "collapse" if little ones put weight on them,"

It's really amazing what people waste their money on these days!

As for the article linked to by Mr. Red, I find that REALLY, REALLY, REALLY disturbing. I can't believe a toy manufacturer would think a pole dancing doll (stripper) was a good idea for little girls. Sick.

Joanne said...

I have a three year old boy and a six month old girl and I never, ever think about these things. I never thought about putting her in a 2 piece bathing suit, and I haven't ever considered putting her in high heels. It makes me really tired to think about the next 20 years!

Juris Mater said...

Agreed, Joanne. What will the next 20 years be like??

My world was shattered a few days ago. While visiting my hometown in the MAJOR Bible belt region of the US of A, I was chatting with an older woman with whom I volunteered during high school at a Christian charitable organization. She proudly and absolutely unabashedly told me that her 30-something son and his girlfriend had been living together for a year, and she suspected they might be getting married one day. She was so proud that they had made cohabitation work for a whole year, and she couldn't fathom that I wouldn't share her excitement. If the heart of the Bible belt has gone this awry--I was so sheltered growing up just because of the culture in the region where I lived--what will our kids' cultural influences be?

Oh, I sound so old and grumpy!

Joanne said...

Ha, I am old and grumpy too. My cousin, who is 26, recently moved out of state with her boyfriend and my aunt and uncle, who sent her through Catholic school and are churchgoing Catholics, seem fine with it. She recently got engaged and has decided that she doesn't want to get married in the church. I think she means just the church and not the Church, but still. It's unbelievable to me and my family that we are just supposed to pretend this is normal. It's causing quite a ruckus in my family, as you can imagine.

Mary Alice said...

I think that cohabitation is one of the great evils of our modern society. Not that life has ever been without extra-marital sex, but at least there was some shame associated with it in the past. No longer. A parent is really in a tough position, though, you can advise a grown child, you can pray for a grown child, but at a certain point that person is going to make their own decisions. Does acting "okay" with it further scandalize others? Does family condemnation help at all? How do we keep doors open in case that person may be wanting to seek out advice from family in the future?