Sunday, June 22, 2008

How you know Potty training is not going well:

Your child makes this face after peeing on the floor for the 3rd time that day.


B-Mama said...

Oh, but he's so cute in the process! :) Don't you just want to wring his neck?!

We tried doing underwear overnight for M the other night. I went to check on his "progress" before going to bed and he's already had an accident. Must have been the tank of water he insisted on drinking while falling asleep. Oh well! As long as he's fully potty-trained before leaving for college, I'm happy. ;)

Mary Alice said...

Heaven help us! As his godmother I would like to come to his defense and say that my boys never potty trained before age 3.

Right Said Red said...

In my defense, I don't have the right size cloth diapers for a child his size (as his big sister Gianna potty trained very early, right at 2). So, I'm just going to have to bite the bullet and buy more...and they will be Rumparoz (sp?)