Monday, June 14, 2010

Six Years a Christian...

Yesterday marked the six-year anniversary of our first-born's Baptism, an anniversary that (I am ashamed to admit!) would have come and gone without recognition had it not been for this boy's wonderful godparents, B-Mama and GG! Thanks for keeping us on our toes, friends, and for being such great godparents to our son!

I love the idea of celebrating Baptismal "birthdays" with great fanfare. I think that it sets a great example for our children of having our priorities straight - after all, the day of their Baptism was the day that they entered into the family of the Church and became new creations in Christ. Unfortunately, I have failed miserably in celebrating these occasions over the years, but am comforted in knowing that my children's godparents are always remembering them in their prayers and keeping up with the important anniversaries!

How do you celebrate baptismal anniversaries? Cake? Gifts? A special family tradition? And if you have a special system for remembering such occasions, please do share - my family will greatly appreciate any help you can offer me!

God bless all of you on this Monday morning. Let's make it a great week together!


B-Mama said...

Oh Kat! How fun it was to log in today and see our little (now big) man and our faces from 6 years ago! What fun it was to meet him then...

As parents it is so hard to keep up with all the holidays, feast days, birthdays, etc. You leave the baptismal birthday up to us, the godparents, okay?! :) That's one day we've got covered! :)

As for my own kiddos' baptismal birthdays, I will admit that the day often goes by without my realizing it. We have celebrated with cupcakes and a shout out to the baptismal child. I wish we did a better job of setting the day aside as special. Maybe something to aim for this coming year?

Meredith said...

We try to celebrate these as well, though have been forgotten too many times already!

One thing I have done is to set the table with the child's baptismal candle in a candle holder for dinner that night. We also look at pictures from their baptismal day and talk about how their Godparents and our family was with us to celebrate on that day.

I think a little gift would be much appreciated by the children! My 5-year-old's Bap-Day (as we call it) is coming up on July 2...I should start thinking about that. Thanks for the reminder!

4ddintx said...

We keep the dates on the calendar so that we remember. We celebrate the Baptism Birthdays by letting the "birthday child" choose dessert. We've done everything from home baked goodies to ice cream floats--whatever they want! If we aren't too harried we try to pull out the video of their baptism to watch.

It's simple, but it lets them know that it's a day to celebrate.

texas mommy said...

Kat, like 4ddintx, whenever I get a new yearly calendar (I still use the paper kind for carrying with me) I put in all birthdays, baptismal anniversaries, godchildren's dates, etc. from a running list. Then I don't have to worry about trying to remember!

Our kids also love being able to choose what's for dinner (we had scrambled eggs for one such occasion this year) and we light our family paschal candle (anniversary boy gets to snuff it out later). I try to have frozen cupcakes in the freezer at all times, so the default (Read: Mom can't manage anything else) is to pull 5 of them out, ice with white icing (store-bought emergency can always in fridge) with a blue cross. Takes about 5 seconds, but is special.

We also renew our baptismal promises as a family...even the baby can shout "I DO!"

Right Said Red said...

Great picture! We would love to celebrate baptismal days around here too...if I can get my act together. One of the issues is that my children were all baptized so close to their birthday, it sometimes is difficult to celebrate both. I like the idea of choosing dinner, that is simple enough and would make my kids feel special.

MJDMom said...

I just wanted to reiterate that we remember the old fashioned way too! All birthdays, baptism dates, anniversaries etc. go on the paper calendar that serves as our primary hub for information. : )

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