Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summer Strategies

Since snow days are rare in Texas, we don't have the winter cabin fever like some of our friends further North. But when summer hits, it can be brutal. We are instituting some new routines and incentives around here to help us order our summer days.

We try to go to our neighborhood pool early (8am) to beat some of the intense sun, but by the time everyone is splashed out we still have several hours until lunch. In an effort to minimize friction between our sensory child and the others, we are using a rotation system where each boy either plays, works with me in the learning room or gets to watch a movie for 30 minutes.

I remembered seeing this summer ticket system at Shower of Roses. Our boys have loved it thus far, especially counting the tickets and redeeming them.

We usually spend the afternoon spraying the hose and splashing in the baby pools in our (shaded!) backyard. My kids now ask for sunscreen before they go outside. Any other tips for beating the heat?

When all else fails to cool you off...there is ice cream!


Kat said...

AWESOME, Tex, I'm going to copy you if you don't mind! Summer is great but we need a plan of action :)

Kat said...

Tex, I also have a question: For playtime, what activities are the boys doing? I've tried setting Maria up with a "playtime activity" while I work with Christopher or tend to Caroline, but she doesn't last long. I would love some ideas!

Right Said Red said...

Getting to the pool by 8am!!! WOW!!! Our pool doesn't open until noon. We are just rising at 8am around here ;-) Too many long nights listening to the Phillies and reading books on our porch, haha!

Anyway, I think that chart is a great idea! Does your littlest guy play well unattended in the yard?

Juris Mater said...

Tex, I think the kids and I all could use a few weeks at Camp Tex. You're so fun and together. This sounds like a recipe a wonderful summer!

What learning activities do you do during the summer? Do you keep with the schoolyear curriculum or vary it completely or some of both?

B-Mama said...

Tex, awesome work! This looks like such a great plan for your boys. I'm going to check out the summer ticket program as well--we need some new motivators around here! Love that it's reward-based rather than punitive!!