Monday, February 9, 2009

Abraham Lincoln Unit Study

In addition to our school curriculum, we usually have a themed read aloud unit going in our house, following the cycle of the year, so while we are officially learning about the Ancient World in history, in February we also learn about the presidents.

Today we celebrate Abraham Lincoln's 200th birthday. For homeschoolers, or those wishing to supplement their children's education, I thought I would share some of the resources that my family is using to get to know the 16th president. Please be aware that books address slavery, which has led to some interesting and difficult discussions about our nations blemished history. I have tried to tie this in to current events by talking about the civil rights movement and the significance of Obama's election in the context of race in America. We will be working on this for the entire month, don't be intimidated!

Read Aloud:
Abe Lincoln, The Boy who Loved Books
Abraham Lincoln by Ingri D'Aulaire (nb: uses the word "negro" to describe the slave auctions)

Learn to Read:
Abe Lincoln's Hat
DK Readers: Abraham Lincoln

Chapter Books:
The Childhood of Famous Americans: Abraham Lincoln
Landmark Books: Meet Abraham Lincoln

For the History Buff:
The Day Lincoln Died

Listen to:
Copland's Lincoln Portrait

The Gettysburg Address

Look at Pictures:
Picture History

For anyone in the New York area, The Little Orchestra Society has James Earl Jones coming to narrate a special concert, Four Scores and More, in celebration of the Lincoln bicentennial. My lucky children will be there.


Julia A said...

For anyone with older kids, Michael Clay Thompson over at Royal Fireworks Press has a truly impressive book to analyze the Gettysburg Address. It's well-worth using for about grades 7+.


Bethany said...

I suppose this only works for us. But our plans are to go visit the Lincoln Library/Museum. Especially since we live here in Springfield. Not to mention all the festivities surrounding the 200th Birthday. It should prove to be an educating year.

Right Said Red said...

Thanks for these great resources for when my children get a little bit bigger!

texas mommy said...

Thanks, MA! I'll save this info for the future!