Friday, February 13, 2009

Shining Knight

It began as a casual Athletes In Action midterm prayer meeting where I happened to sit myself next to the cute guy from "Rocky" (Rockefeller residential college). It all started with his earnest prayer for a friend's salvation. Not only was he handsome, athletic, friendly... but he also had a heart for Christ.

You could say he caught my attention.

We finished our freshman year at Princeton, talking occaisionally and seeing one another at AIA. I ended a relationship with another fella, who happened to be paling in comparison to this knight in shining armor (heretofore named "Kish") Before we knew it, we were back again at Old Nassau for our sophomore year.

By this time, my infatuation with Kish had grown and I found it rather cathartic to tell most people (pretty much everyone) about my love interest. Even today I find it very funny that Kish remained rather oblivious to the B-mama buzz going on around him! I frequented his Rocky dining hall often; I studied in the same libraries; I offered to get ice for my cross country teammates so that I could "drop in" on the training room... just to have the chance to "run into" him and exchange a brief hello. Looking back, I was admittedly pathetic.

Gradually, though, my efforts appeared to be producing results. Kish and I would speak at greater length when we talked. He would seek me out at AIA to share a quick anecdote. I even thought he was rather flirty one time during a "chance" meeting in the training room. Things were moving in the right direction. But then, as soon as it had started, my building enthusiasm came crashing one weekend when Kish didn't show to a party arranged by our teams. He didn't even show up. I remember feeling crushed.

And that's when I handed Kish over to God and asked Him to have control. I could not spend another minute on something so frivolous and hurtful. The next two weeks were morose but much less stressful. I was slowly letting go and letting God, as some say.

And guess who showed up on my doorstep two weeks later to ask me to our sophomore formal?
Guess who stole my heart with his honesty, integrity, devotion, purity, godliness, and utter brilliance?
I bet you can guess who is the most wonderful husband to me and father to our precious boys.

My Kish; I've loved him from the very start.
Thanks be to God.

Happy Valentine's Day to all the hopeless romantics out there--my story shows nothing is hopeless! :)


Cheryl said...

I'm glad to read that I'm not the only one in the world who pursued my husband! What a great story!

Mr. Incredible said...

Uh, B-Mama...I think you forgot to mention the role of a certain husband of one of the Builders in "helping" the process along...

Juris Mater said...

B-mama, I love it : ) Those were fun days of strategically planning to be in the same place as Mr. Love Interest... but I'm sure glad those days are over and we're finally sealed for life into wonderful marriages.

Thanks be to God for your powerful witness as a couple, even from before you were married. You've always both been leaders in the Christian community, and now you have joined forces to advance Christ's kingdom on earth soul by soul. You're exemplary and beautiful and so loveable. Thanks for letting all of us share in the life of your family!

Juris Mater said...

And Mr. Incredible, whose relationships were you NOT trying to get involved in. From one matchmaker/hopeless romantic to another, cheers : )

This Heavenly Life said...


I love new-love stories! I remember placing myself directly in the way of my handsome crush...thankfully for us, he saw beyond my giddy starry-eyed youth and found something he wanted to hold on to.

Or...did I weasel my way in so tight that he just couldn't shake me?

Nah. He loved me. Thanks be to God.

I love hearing these stories! (did I already say that?) For not being a huge V-day fan, I sure do enjoy the romance.

handmaidmama said...

I love your blog Ladies! What a great idea, to share your stories on how you met your Handsome Husbands!

God Bless you! And have a HOLY St. Valentine' Day!

Handmaid Mama

Mary Alice said...

Seriously, between this and your eighties music, you have to be one of the sappiest people I have ever really liked! I'm so glad it worked out for you two.

Also, we have been memorizing the names of the 12 apostles and we use your kids to help us remember, I was wondering if you plan to have a Thad or Bart next?

texas mommy said...

Mr. Incredible must give credit to B-Mama, too, because it was at her wedding reception that he swept me off my feet, quite literally!