Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tuesday Mommy-Assist

Mondays are Mondays. It is your first day back in the trenches with Daddy back at work - you expect this, you get through it. For me, Tuesday is often more of a slump. So, to you, I pass on this website. It is, dare I say it?... better than PBS Kids. You will love it, it is reading-prep, reading, all of it. Great for a 3-5 year old while you struggle to cut veggies for dinner at 1630.

Be well.


Sophie said...

we are big fans of Starfall in this house. My son really got a jumpstart on learning how to sound out words just by doing this maybe 10 mins at a time, a few times a week.

It's also great if you're babysitting your friend's son who just won't. stop. crying. Plop him in front of the "V for Vacuum" and he's quiet as a mouse.

In case you're ever in that situation.... :)

Alexis said...

Oh yeah! I second you on the Tuesday slump and on Starfall. My son has had some major "breakthroughs" while playing on Starfall - really figuring out how to sound out words. And all the while I'm able to do chores and dinner - Yea!

Shannon said...

Yep! Starfall is great! It's been especially helpful for my 3 year old to learn the short vowel sounds.

Right Said Red said...

We are also big fans of starfall.com. It is great for that 1/2 hour pre-dinner witching hour. It keeps both Gianna and Charlie engaged and teaches them something!