Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hopeful Valentine?

C: "Mommy, today at school I said that I wanted to date with Hannah and Rebecca"

Me: "Christopher, where did you hear about going on dates?!"

C: "From you and daddy!" 

Me: "Oh, right, because daddy and mommy go on dates...Well, you need to be a little bit older to go on dates, Christopher. But you can have playdates."

C: "Yeah, okay. Mommy, can I date with Lauren?"


Mary Alice said...

Too cute.

My John is the only boy in his dance class, and I just could not believe the shy smile on his face as he showed me the valentine he got from his (admittedly charming) dance teacher.

Juris Mater said...

Props to you and ET for going on dates regularly and letting your kids see it.

Good to see C-man's got a healthy attraction to ladies : ) What a charming little man.

My brother proposed to a girl for the first time at age 5. He bought a CZ ring at Walmart with some money he'd saved. She said no, but he gave her the ring anyway in case she changed her mind.

lisa said...

i love it! good for the little man!

texas mommy said...

Hysterical, Kat!