Friday, February 27, 2009

Great Sites List

Wow, I just came across this, so for all of you Starfall lovers, here are some new friends. We have given up TV for Lent, and this just might make it do-able, plus, as a long time "Math Shop" lover, I know that computer games really can help with math facts.

Because I am about the oldest one here, I can also laugh at the fact that the programming game on Math playground uses a little turtle for the cursor, a 3D 21st century turtle, but still a nice homage to the old days of learning lotus programming in kindergarten, funny they thought back then that we would all need to know how to program computers some day, that knowledge is stored away with all the wordperfect keystrokes my dad made me memorize in my pre-mouse middle school days.

Okay, I have officially revealed way to much about how much of a geek I am.


Elena said...

It's a lot to wade through, but, thank you; Starfall has been a HUGE success in our house even being chosen over TV time. However, it's always nice to a have a few more resources.

MargaretJDMom said...

Thank you for these....I also wanted to point out the importance of a good filter for your computer in the event kids are using these websites without an adult AT THEIR SIDE. It is so important to keep our kids safe from the nastiness on the net. Nothing's perfect, but it can certainly help against innocent mistakes!! I remember reading that the average kid hits on porn by accident no later than age 10! Yikes.....but at least there are a ton of great filters out there. We owe it to our kids! We've had success with Bsafe- which is a Christian outfit- but there are numerous other companies that offer web based, dynamic filters. Sometimes they are a hassle, but you can always disable it with the password temporarily. I for one think its worth it.....having been scarred myself by happening upon it by accident at a public computer at the law library way back when. It was mortifying, sickening, and sad especially because all I did was mistype one letter of! Sorry to be a downer, but my friends in education talk about how parents need to be on top of this sooner rather than later.

Mary Alice said...

Thanks for the tip margaret. For now, my kids can 't really spell or type well, so I have buttons at the top of the browser for the faves they can visit, but I am going to look into this for sure!