Monday, February 23, 2009

Does Your Life Look Like This?

"...We had gotten into a horrible rut of rolling out of bed and into our day, facing the day's tasks unkempt and unenthusiastic. I was constantly having to will the boys to get dressed--who wouldn't want to stay in his jammies all day? It wasn't uncommon for me to have to take clothes to the car because someone wasn't yet dressed before we headed out on an errand. When I would finally have them dressed, clothes would often be strewn all over the house (and car!), beckoning my extra energy to round them up in order to get laundry done. What a mess!! Something had to change..."

If you can empathize, feel free to join me over at my Gasperini-Ville for a look at some new practices we're implementing. After some initial success, I just had to share the wealth. God bless!