Friday, March 20, 2009

glimpses of real life: this week at our house

Irish (and Italian) twins.

So much happened this week, and I thought so many times of posting, but I was just so busy living!

Monday: Okay, how sad is it that I can't remember that far back?

Tuesday: We read Jamie O'Rourke and the Big Potato, and ate green cupcakes for St. Patrick's Day. I told my kids the very funny story of when Jim Ryan saved a leprechaun from drowning in a puddle. Inspired by KateE's library storytimes, I am trying my hand at more storytelling.

I was disappointed that I couldn't do more for this feast, but then I saw this post, and it gave me hope -- next year, Holly's in charge!

Wednesday: PT took lots of bike rides. He has bought a new bike for himself. He got a good one, he has been saving for a while and he still had to borrow part of the money from us. He and his father drafted papers, and there have been a lot of timely conversations about real life finances.

Thursday: We made homemade rolls for St. Joseph's Day dinner and had spaghetti and meatballs. Thanks to my mom, I had a bread maker to knead the dough and a freezer full of meatballs, and thanks to my MIL dinner appeared on the table while I was out for a run! I am so blessed with helping hands.

Tonight MaryB told me that she did like her name. I told her that she is named in honor of the Mother of God, and also named after the most beautiful woman I have ever known. She asked me if this woman wore beautiful party dresses -- boy, did she! I can't wait to get some pictures to show her. Now, she loves her name again. Names are important, and girls deserve to have a sense of family history as much as boys do.

Friday: Kids are sick. Just as TexasMommy likes late night feedings, I don't mind sick kids. They are cozy, want to hear stories, do some quiet school work, play trains in bed, and then, they fall asleep and I can get stuff done. Plus, time seems to stop -- activities get cancelled, dishes stay on the counter, laundry piles up, but I just let things go for a while and be a nurse mother. Lots of one on one time with each child as I go from bed to bed reading stories. Of course, this is only fun for about a day, so hopefully it is the 24 hour variety. In the afternoon, a little bit of PBS kids time and I can get the house put back in order.

Baby James is being baptised this weekend, and we are making a retreat to prepare for PT's first communion, so we have busy and happy times ahead!


Elizabeth Foss said...

:-) Mary Beth flushed with delight when I showed her your link. you made her day!

B-Mama said...

What a beautiful look at real life in your home. I loved reading it and drank in your every word. Congrats to PT on the new bike, Mary on her name, and the adorable Irish twins on having one another. Prayers for a relaxed day for you all, followed by health and rigor restored!

AWOL Mommy said...

So, you are saying big families are a breeze, right?

KC said...

I just came to the blog to see if I could thank you, Mary Alice, for turning us onto Dan Zanes a few weeks ago... We got a few CDs and a DVD from the library to check them out before investing ourselves, and I am feeling a bit guilty right now as my two year old watches the fun, upbeat DVD on a Friday during Lent! The music is great--so much better than the other kids music we found on our own. I was worried that she might not like it, but she loves it, esp. when nursery rhymes are incorporated into the music. Thank you! And thank you for the beautiful picture of the boys and insight into your life. I've greatly enjoyed learning from and being inspired by you through this blog. Blessings on your busy weekend!

Anonymous said...

MA, Our baby #2 is about a month younger than your little guy and pretty much sleeping though the night already, which has left me worrying a bit about an early return of fertility and the possibility of another baby much sooner than "planned"... but then I think of you and your houseful and how joyfully you welcomed your "Irish twins" and I'm encouraged to just trust the Lord. Who couldn't look at the picture of those two adorable little boys and celebrate them?! God bless you and your family!

Kate E. said...

You have blanked out Monday because that was when I forced you to add a 7th to the bunch!

Thanks again for watching Jack he loves being with your big fun family.

Those babies of yours are too cute to be believed. Give Jimmy extra kisses this weekend and tell Peter congrats again on the bike, I didn't know he bought it for himself, that is awesome.