Monday, March 30, 2009

Our New Purchase

We love it! I opted for this instead of the wooden holder MaryAlice suggested because it can hold many different types of writing implements, and takes up very little space. We have had constant problems organizing our art/school supplies and this has completely solved the problem. The kids know exactly where all their supplies go, and they put them away when finished. I purchased this at The Lakeshore Learning Store, and it was a little pricey--$30--but totally worth it! I'm actually thinking of purchasing another more shallow holder for our crayons.

So it has been brought to my attention that the links are not working. The Link for Lakeshore Learning Store does work, so click on that, then type "marker holder" in the search box. To find the crayon holder, type "crayon holder" in the search box. I hope this helps! I have removed the two links so that there isn't any more confusion.


JesusThroughMary said...

What about that is $30?

JesusThroughMary said...

I see a bunch of plastic cups. What am I missing?

Right Said Red said...

This bunch of plastic cups, framed in wood and nicely organized has completely solved our lack of organization with our art/school supplies. I have tried just using a bunch of plastic cups from my house--did not work. The kids never remembered which supply went in each cup, the cups got separated, and spilled constantly. So overall, the $30 is completely worth it for tidy work area we now have! As a Dad with young boys, you may not have the art supply/school supply organization issue we have around here. The messiness of our work area was really driving me nuts.

Mary Alice said...

I think that this is impacted by your layout, because the supplies need to be carried into the room with the big work table, and this looks like a perfect tool for that. We do just use plastic cups, but they are on a shelf in our school room that is right next to the table where everything is used, and it really has not been a problem.

For crayons, life got much easier when I stopped trying to be particular and just started using a big tin. We have a crayola one that came with a gift set, but round cookie tin would be fine, too, it is easy to bring the crayons to the table and then sweep them all back into the tin at the end.

I do love our marker holder, though, because the caps can't get lost.

Lastly, any of these systems is only as good as the training you apply to them -- we have new hooks in our mudroom, but for the first few weeks it was actually more work for me because I was having to enforce a new system of not leaving coats on the laundry room floor. Now that the kids are used to it, though, it is amazingly helpful.

Karen B. said...

Those aren't permanent markers I spy, are they?

We only use washable markers and crayons after that incident in the hotel room, oh and the play room wall too. At least she writes nice things.

Crayola sells a clear plastic case large variety of crayons or markers. It is nice because it can be pulled up to a tier position. This works great for arts and crafts.

For school, I make each child up their own pencil case - one for upstairs and one for downstairs. Since we change the locations we do school in through out the day, the 2nd case saves a lot of running around. Also, age appropriate supplies are separated accordingly. Not to mention it stinks when your younger brother ruins your crisp, new crayons.

Finally, I must said that it is my experience that the cheerful, well made, store bought organizational systems give them (and me) more motivation make the habit stick. I am all for making do with what you have, but sometimes buying a tool can really reduce your daily stress.

It is more than just building the habit, but loving (at least liking) the habit. This will make it a habit for life.