Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dunder Mifflin... Season Five

Reserve a spot on your couch, grab your spouse and your Kashi bar (just kidding, but you know this blog, right?...). The time has finally arrived. Season Five of The Office kicks off tomorrow, September 25, 9/8c. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!

I've never, ever been a sitcom watcher; in fact I have a mostly-bitter relationship with TV on the whole. But I love The Office. Why? Here's my top five list of reasons:
(1) Jim and Pam
(2) Jim and Pam
(3) Jim and Pam
(4) Jim and Pam
(5) Dwight's hilarious attitude and lines, the amazingly well-played stock characters, the fact that it's good clean PG-13 fun most of the time, the clever twists and turns, and Jim and Pam
OK, specifically, I like the patient, lighthearted, friendship nature of Jim and Pam's relationship. Jim even calls it a courtship in the Fourth Season finale. But I guess this may be more pernicious than I realize--a seemingly-healthy courtship, but the show takes for granted that they're hopping in the sack (Pam says at least once that she slept over). Oh what's wrong with the world?

Anyway, my husband and I will be savoring every second tomorrow night.


Anne said...

We love this show, too!! We don't have a TV though so we wouldn't be seeing it until it posted on the websit the next day. One more day to wait...

Right Said Red said...

Love the office. I love Dwight. I'm not big on romance, but I LOVE the Dwight/Jim dynamic. I watch the Office and think of B-Mama and how she is probably laughing so hard at Dwight!

B-Mama said...

Oh Red, you know me so well! I just love Dwight and find him to be ridiculously funny. GG and I watched the first episode via, which has tons of episodes like this for free (as does nbc) but the "commercials" are much easier to navigate through... I was disappointed in the Angela/Dwight dirtiness--why does everything have to revolve around sex?!--but loved the rest of the plot completely! Didn't you just love the group weigh-ins on the utility scale?! Hysterical! Also the Jim/Pam engagement was played so well--I found myself tearing up! :)