Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Two articles for your consideration

"Miss Conceptions" on Slate, on presidential candidates daughters

"In Defense of Marrying Young" on Faith and Family


Anonymous said...

Also on Slate: Questions for a Superhuman Mom, The complicated business of judging Sarah Palin.

I love the quote from the end of the other slate article: "Remember that before you judge or poke fun at Sarah Palin. She's not the candidate whose daughter messed up. She's the candidate who didn't get rid of the mess."

Elena said...

Thanks for the articles Mary Alice. I'm Canadian and our country is abuzz with talk of Sarah Palin. My dermatology appointment yesterday ended in a discussion of Sarah Palin, abortion and birth control. To think I had gone to talk about some sun damage!!

Mary Alice said...

Elena, funny that you mention it, I am always having intense conversations with my derm about my natural family planning situation, she is curious and freaked out by me as an educated woman from a background like her who has made the choice to stay home and raise a large family -- I will say, though, that she yelled at me and told me that it was time to move to the suburbs and she was right about that -- she screwed up my biopsy results, though, so I guess she is distracted by my personal life!

Juris Mater said...

I've always been a proponent of marrying young, even younger than I did (age 23), and I LOVE everything this author has to say.

... But then I think, what if I had married my "serious" high school boyfriend. How different (and incomplete) my life would've been. Chances are I wouldn't be Catholic, and I know for sure I wouldn't have 3 children, and life wouldn't be nearly the adventure it is now.

Maybe I'll just encourage my kids to marry young while strictly screening the members of the opposite sex they're allowed to hang around with : )

Elena said...

Mary Alice,

Funny coincidence about the dermatologist. However, talking with this doc (male) really made me realise that although he was among what we consider the educated elite, his education was still very narrow. His arguments against birth control were all the standard ones i.e. Mother Teresa created the babies to be aborted by not allowing brith control; botched street abortions etc. Of course, I can never remember any convincing or intelligent arguments when handling two of the four children (especially when the youngest is throwing himslef into a cradle position to try to nurse). He didn't laugh at our use of NFP but he did bring up a legitimate question: What about all the people who don't have "the brains" (his words) to manage their fertility. Of course the answer to this is rooted in good teaching, chastity and personal conversion but his eyes had already begun to glaze over so I booted it out of there and said a decade for him (far more effective than anything that I could say).