Monday, September 22, 2008

Facebook Face-lift

For some of our readers out there, you might be a member of the well-known Facebook.
And you've probably already experienced the new look on the website.
And you might dislike it just as much as the rest of the world.
And me.

I say they scrap the whole thing and start over! It's a mess!!
For those of you yet to join, WAIT!


Anonymous said...

The one before was much easier and frontal,nude.
This one has you spending/wasting time going throu pages and pages to get to see what now is HIDDEN
A click away,
a click away
a click away
and maybe 3 more
to get to see what before was
in your FACE.
This FB now should be called

Joanne said...

I guess I don't use it for much more than commenting on friend's status, putting up pictures and playing Scramble, but I haven't really noticed a difference. But I know others that really hate it!

Bethany said...

I hated it to begin with. I've gotten used to it, now, but there is a lot I don't like about it.

Right Said Red said...


I don't use it enough to be bothered, but it seems your opinion is the general consensus. It looks to me like they want more room on the site for ads.

B-Mama said...

Red, you're probably right about the ads--greedy Facebook execs! It's not like the creator isn't a billionaire or anything (and in his twenties, no less!)

Jason said...

Check this out .. Explains the new face lift and why they might have done it ...

Mary Alice said...

Okay, but now the dashboard on blogger is all messed up, too. I cannot have my technology getting all complicated on me! Here's hoping this is just a temporary glitch on blogger.

texas mommy said...

I check FB about once a month, so when Mr. Incredible showed me the new look, I had no idea what was different.

Juris Mater said...

I was on facebook for about a week, and I strongly dislike it. Here are just a few of the reasons:

(1) Superficial maintenance of relationships: quantity not quality; digital/objectifying versus more personal
(2) Endless potential for time drain
(3) Encouragement to live not in the moment, present in the relationships around us, but rather to be hack hack hacking onto a blinking screen
(4) Lowered inhibitions: for example, temptation to post message to wife of high school boyfriend just to say hello and check in with the fam. What?!

Honestly, I think I have such hard feelings toward it because I see it as something I could be really drawn in by, negatively. But there are some fads that I hope to opt out of until they've run their course and (hopefully) left our lives forever. Crocs shoes are one of them. Facebook is another.

Bethany said...

P.S. Has anyone seen the flair.

"Chuck Norris does not approve of the new facebook."