Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Falling Forward

For one brief moment last week, fall seemed on the horizon. In the wake of the rains in Texas we awoke to a "chilly" morning. So brisk did 70 degrees feel that I momentarily contemplated looking for long sleeved shirts.

It was probably just the 3 months of Texas heat getting to my head.

But it was a tantalizing reminder that fall is just around the corner. The rest of the day my head was spinning with ideas for Thanksgiving, nature walks, acorns, apple pie, fall books, pumpkin patches, butternut squash soup and yes, even Advent plans.

Today, walking towards the field of sunflowers behind our house, Dash picked a leaf up from the ground. We looked at it closely. He noticed that it was changing colors. "It's almost fall!" he announced excitedly, adding, "I think it's going to snow!"

Well, not quite yet, sweetie, but a breath of fresh air is on its way. This must be how all the north easterners feel at the dawn of spring! Fall is my favorite season by far. The crisp days, the cozy comforter, the wonderful holidays with family, and the rich, warm comfort food.

There are so many wonderful ideas online for celebrating this time of year, so special in both nature and in the Church. One of my favorite sources of ideas that combine both nature and the Liturgical year is Dawn's archives at By Sun and Candlelight. Her September ideas are here. And all her monthly ideas are here.

Do any of you have any special fall traditions? Highs today are only in the upper 80's. I'm giddy!


Right Said Red said...

Love the fall! It is always my favorite season. It was quite brisk here this morning--in the 50's. I'm ready for fall!

B-Mama said...

On my Princeton application, I wrote that my favorite activity was "apple picking", which was the honest truth! There are SO many fond memories from my youth of apple picking in autumn, climbing trees, and eating hot cider and fresh donuts afterward. Fall is the BEST!!

The Gasperini clan will definitely head west this year to partake in our fair share of apples. We might also hunt down a pumpkin patch and maybe a maize maze (another favorite). GG and I did a corn maze one year with the theme of Wizard of Oz--it was fantastic and a real game!! We loved every minute of it...

Mary Alice said...

We had cinnamon apples with our pancakes and I can't wait to go apple picking, and to make a pie!

B-Mama, there is a great mountain top orchard near Monticello, Carter's Mountain, we used to love to go there for our apple and pumpkin picking when we lived in C'ville. Wish I could meet you there...